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Director Services

Our principal, David Tyler, is a very experienced business management consultant. He is as much at ease working with large multi million pound corporates as he is with small owner managed businesses employing only a handful of staff. Whether strategic or operational his breadth of knowledge, honed skills and insight gained from real experience working in a range of diverse industry sectors is greatly valued and highly sought after. David is a non-executive Director of a number of SME businesses where his skills have been used as much for business development as they have for business recovery.

David comments....

 “Many companies, especially some of the smaller entrepreneur lead businesses feel isolated and alone. They often do not know where to turn for truly independent advice. They perceive the problems that they face to be unique when this is hardly ever the case. I use my experience gained from working with many companies over the last 20 or so years to guide management to the right business decision. Sometimes I hold a torch so that others can see; sometimes we build the torch together”.