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People for Business Ltd provides a range of services in Human Resource Management. These range from HR Healthchecks, (an evaluation and report on your current employment management practices), through to complete HR function management and traditional recruitment, on a consultancy basis or as a fully outsourced service. In line with our “partnership through people” philosophy, we provide our clients with peace of mind in respect of all matters relating to their employees. Employment legislation is increasingly more complex, and with continued influences from Europe, it changes at an alarming pace and the penalties for failing to comply are ever increasing.

Many employers are now finding the task of employee management too onerous. Simple personnel administration dealing merely with starters and leavers is now sadly inadequate. Ensuring that even the most basic legislation is being complied with is extremely time consuming, and ties up valuable resources. Human Resource functions are often under resourced and lacking in the appropriate skills and experience, resulting in a reactive rather than a pro-active approach.

Many employers are unaware of the costs involved, not just in financial terms, but also in terms of damaged Company credibility from prosecution or claims awarded by Employment Tribunals.

It is not surprising, given the complexity and pace of change of employment legislation that many Company Directors and Managers fail to understand what their obligations are. Many do not know where to turn to resolve the situation.

At People for Business we work closely with our Clients to achieve more effective HR Management working practises and so help to pro-actively reduce possible employment related claims and disputes. Our belief being that prevention is better than cure and certainly more cost effective.

Staff retention is a major problem for many employers. High labour turn has a very negative impact on any business. It affects morale, productivity and profit. Labour turn can never be eradicated, however, ensuring employees understand their responsibilities, have direction in their careers and feel secure in their jobs, has a very positive effect.

People for Business can provide a tailor-made service that reflects the specific needs of your business. We offer peace of mind, enabling you to focus on your core competencies, taking comfort in the knowledge that your greatest asset and resource, your employees, are being managed effectively.